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Access Cappers

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**5/16/12** RANGERS VS BRUINS**

The home-team Boston Bruins has a huge chance of beating the visiting New York Rangers in game one of their National Hockey League Eastern Conference semifinal series on Thursday. Playing in-front of its fans, the Bruins has a big chance to taking a 1-o lead against the dangerous Rangers team in their playoff series (**5/16/12** RANGERS VS BRUINS**)

**5/16/12** RANGERS VS BRUINS**

**5/16/12** RANGERS VS BRUINS**

**5/16/12** RANGERS VS BRUINS** – How to analyze this match?

Considered as two of the top five teams in the NHL this season, the Bruins-Rangers playoff series is expected to be a tight contest and could end up into a game-seven penultimate game. Fresh from a 5-4 game-seven victory against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round, the Bruins are poised to extend their winning streak against the Rangers. While the Bruins lose two of its three NHL regular season games against the Rangers, they are still picked by some sports experts to prevail since they are a former NHL champion (**5/16/12** RANGERS VS BRUINS**) two years back.

The chances of winning against the Rangers are also high since the home-team is used to the pressures in playing in the NHL playoffs. The key for the home-team Bruins to win this game and justify the experts who picked them to win is to play superb in both defense and offence. Gritty third-line winger Derek Dorsett, who was key in setting a physical tone for the Rangers against Washington also needs to take the lead in defense for his team against the Rangers.

Starting goaltender Tuukka Rask also need to play big in this game to defeat the Rangers and take moral boosting 1-0 lead against the Rangers. With the support of their fans behind their back, the Bruins have every reason to win their series playoff opener against the inspired Rangers team. If they play with heart and passion which the team is known, chances of victory are very much possible against the Rangers.

**5/16/12** RANGERS VS BRUINS** – what is the final betting prediction?

The Rangers for its part can pull the rug and defeat the home-team (**5/16/12** RANGERS VS BRUINS**) if goaltender extraordinaire Henrik Lundqvist can continue his superb plays in the playoffs. Lundqvist is simply spectacular in his team’s first round playoff game against the Washington Capitals. In the series against the Capitals, Lundqvist made life hell for Washington to score against his team.

If Lundqvist can play superb defense in game one against the Bruins, it will be a short night for the home-team and its fans. Aside from the Rangers goaltender, the rest of the team also needs to play tough defense and excellent offense to bring down the favored home team. The chances of victory in game one against the Bruins might be slim, but the Rangers can still pull a surprise if they can play their cards well come game-time.